POMCFP2Welcome to the Pretoria Old Motor Club

The Pretoria Old Motor Club (POMC) was started in 1966 by a few old car
enthusiasts who felt a need to share information, skills and parts. 


POMCFP4The passion for old vehicles…

The motor car is most probably one of the greatest inventions that saw the light of day.
Very primitive in the technological context of today, but leaps and bounds forward
the first day the various permutations hit the road.

POMCFP6The Oldies Become the Pride-and-Joy

Many of these are the collector items of today. Some have survived the
melting pots of the recyclers, some were tucked away in a save place,
same came down the family as an inheritance, many are found in an appalling state of decay

POMCFP7Vehicle Classification

Old vehicles are strictly classified in terms of year of production.
An enthusiast will normally decide where he wants play and mainly
stick to that field (year, model, make etc).
There are exceptions however, depending on the size of the wallet.

POMCFP5Upcoming Events & Rallies

The Pretoria Old Motor Club (POMC) has an up to date
events calendar of the latest upcoming and events and rallies.
Please click the link below to view the full calendar..

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POMCFP1The Movement and the Future

There is a definite place for the young, technology driven generation,
to get involved in the movement. As a general rule of thumb one can
state that a car ten years older that your date of birth probably qualifies
as “collectable” for the new and young collector.
These are also more affordable than the really old and rare ones out there.


Members enjoy the stimulating company of fellow enthusiasts, exchange of ideas and tips, news...

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To book your stall or find out any other information about this years Cars In The Park Click the link below.

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The POMC has placed all their downloads in one convenient location. View the latest downloads.

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Welcome to the POMC

Welcome to the Pretoria Old Motor Club Website

The Pretoria Old Motor Club (POMC) was started in 1966 by a few old car enthusiasts who felt a need to share information, skills and parts. 

Today the POMC members collectively hold more than 1500 cars and motorcycles

Members of the POMC are from all walks of life and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different fields. They have a single commonality, preservation of our motoring heritage. It brings them together and it keeps them together.
The POMC also runs an active calendar covering monthly meetings at the Club House, social gatherings, formal rallies of oldies and numerous social runs.

The get togethers and displays are very important components of the Club’s success. The most notable display is the annual Cars in the Park staged on the first Sunday in August every year. This is the single biggest get together of like minded enthusiasts in South Africa. Hundreds of old vehicles from all over Gauteng and other parts of the country are exhibited by POMC members and other Clubs under their own banners.

POMCSMALLLOGO“… motoring is always so fresh, so surprising, and so young-in-manner as pastime that quite old as well as the quite young are carried away by its radiant delights, and constantly the middle-aged say, as it were, to themselves, “This is a splendid pastime, what did we do in the old days without it?” The Autocar, December 28, 1923.

About Us


Club members meet socially on the first Wednesday of every month. The Wednesday evening program always includes something interesting, eg. talks, demonstrations and advice on restoration etc. There is always an interesting car or motorcycle in the clubhouse.

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 The motor car is most probably one of the greatest inventions that saw the light of day. Very primitive in the technological context of today, but leaps and bounds forward the first day the various permutations hit the road.  

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The pride of South Africa’s national antique, veteran and vintagecar and motorcycle collection will be on show on Sunday 2 August 2015 at the Pretoria Old Motor Club’s (POMC) 36th annual Cars in the Park exhibition. A number of popular cars from 1950 to 1980 as well as muscle cars will also be displayed. This is the biggest event of its kind in Africa. Collectors from more than a hundred motor clubs across South Africa will display more than two thousand vehicles. The exhibition takes place at the Zwartkops International World of Motoring in Pretoria and will feature, among others, a special display of rare vintage cars and some of the world’s most sought after collectors cars. Members of the POMC will exhibit more than seventy cars while the Buick Club will celebrate the Club’s fifteenth anniversary with a special exhibition. The Deputy Chairman of the Club, Kobus Mostert, says 60 cars manufactured between 1904 and 1985 will be displayed. Mostert, who owns 22 collectors cars (nine Buicks, ten Cadillacs and three Oldsmobiles), will display a number of very rare vehicles from his collection. These include a 1937 Packard 1501 Super 8 Coupe (one of only two in the world), a 1957 Buick Roadmaster Convertible (one of only 26 on the International Buick Register), a 1964 Oldsmobile 88 Convertible (the only one in Africa) and a 1957 Buick Century Coupe. The latter was named Century as it was one of the first cars able to exceed speeds of a hundred miles per hour (160 km per hour). The producers of the popular SABC 2 travel show, Voetspore, will display the Volkswagen Amaroks that are being used in the programme. An interesting collection of Model T Ford cars will also be on show. More than 15 million of these cars were built between 1913 and 1927 and the Model T Ford which was regarded as the world’s first affordable car was named Car of the Century in 1999.

A flee market with more than a hundred stalls and thirty commercial exhibitors will add colour to the occasion. There will be no shortage of food and refreshments. Visitors are, however, also welcome to bring their own picnic baskets. The gates will be open from 08:00 for spectators. Cars in the Park organiser Frik Kraamwinkel says an additional exit from the public parking area will ensure an improved traffic flow this year.


Frik Kraamwinkel

Cell 082 444 2954

1937 Packard 1937 Packard
One of the main attractions at Cars in the Park this year is a rare 1937 Packard, one of only two in the world.
1957 Buick Century Coupe 1957 Buick Century Coupe
The 1957 Buick Century Coupe was named Century as it was one of the first cars able to exceed speeds of a hundred miles per hour.


Kobus Mostert with Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 The Deputy Chairperson of the Buick Club, Kobus Mostert with an Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Convertible – the only one in Africa. The Club will exhibit 60 cars at Cars in the Park. Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 One of the rare vehicles on show at Cars in the Park is this year is an Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Convertible – the only one in Africa.

CARS IN THE PARK 2015 BillJet- 36 Years of Excellence

CITP 2015 Biljet 20150523 6

Die 36ste Cars in thePark uitstalling van die Pretoria Oumotorklub

1Die 36ste Cars in thePark uitstalling van die Pretoria Oumotorklub word op 2 Augustus 2015 by die Zwartkops renbaan aangebied.  Van veteraanmotors en motorfietse tot “musclecars” sal te siene wees. Meer as 100 motorklubs stal jaarliks hulle voertuie hier uit. Die “Market on the Track” se kosstalletjies beloof om voldoende en kwaliteit eetgoed beskikbaar te hê vir die toeskouers en deelnemers. ‘n Wye verskeidenheid items sal te koop wees by die vlooi- en handwerkmark. Daar is ook ‘n kommersiële afdeling met motortoebehore en nuwe voertuie.

Hierdie is ‘n besondere geleentheid vir ‘n gesinsuitstappie, om die kinders oupa se motor, jou eerste motor, of die motor van jou drome te wys. Kinders onder 12 se toegang is gratis en daar is ook ‘n speelarea spesiaal vir hulle ingerig.Die renstel (“go-cart”) baan sal geleentheid bied vir persone wat in veilige omstandighede hulle jaag vernuf wil beproef.

Daar sal uitstallings wees om twee geskiedkundige renbane- die ou Kyalami en Grand Central te gedenk. Renmotors wat op daardie renbane gejaag het en foto’ van geskiedkundige wedrenne sal uitgestal word.

Die Pretoria Oumotorklub se voertuie sal in die kuipe uitgestal word en daar sal veteraanvoertuie van om en by 1905 tot “musclecars” van die 1980s te sien wees.

2Die Buickklub herdenk hulle 15 jarige bestaan met ‘n spesiale uitstalling van Buick voertuie, onder die groot afdak by die renstelbaan.

Om die verkeersvloei te verlig, is daar nou ‘n tweede uitgang vanaf die parkeerterrein ingerig, terwyl‘n nuwe parkeerterrein aan die suidekant van die baan met afsonderlike ingang,  ook ingerig is.

Hekke open om 08:00 vir toeskouers. Kom vroeg en kuier heeldag.  Kaartjies is by die hekke beskikbaar teen R100 vir volwassenes en kinders onder 12 gratis . Meer inligting is beskikbaar by of op ons Facebook-blad. Onthou: Cars in the Park - 'n unieke een dag uitstalling vir motor-entoesiaste




The Pretoria Old Motor Club has successfully negotiated an extra access road which will be in operation for the 2015 edition of South Africa’s biggest car show, the Cars in the Park, scheduled for August 2, 2015.

“Creating the new access road involved negotiations with a land-owner neighbouring the Zwartkops Raceway, and now that we have been given the go-ahead, we can expect traffic flow to improve by a significant margin, “ said show organiser FrikKraamwinkel.

In addition, the usual entry and exit points on the R55 which runs from Kyalami to Laudium have been up-graded, as has the road itself over the past two years.

The new exit will see proper exit roads being established on the north-western corner of the Zwartkops venue, giving improved access to the M26, which runs through the suburb of Erasmia, and then ultimately to William Nichol Drive, which traverses Randburg and Sandton, before joining up with Jan Smuts Avenue in Hyde Park Johannesburg. This route has also been massively up-graded over the past two years, and all work should be complete by August 2.

The Cars in the Park 2015 will see the 35th running of the event which was started by the Pretoria Old Motor Club in the early 1980s, and held initially at the old Pioneer Museum in Silverton, east of Pretoria.

Since those early times, where the event was strictly a classic car show, the event has evolved to the point where it attracts some 3 000 special-interest motor cars, over 100 car clubs, associated motoring and apparel store holders and over 15 000 paying spectators.

It is by far the biggest car show on the South African calendar, and in fact it is the biggest event on the Zwartkops Raceway calendar, being likened to South Africa’s version of the famous British Goodwood festivals.

Cars that show up every year range from vintage machines dating back as early as 1904 to classics from the 1950s and 1960s, hot rods, muscle cars, dragsters, customised motorcycles and hot turbocharged street machines. It is thisvaried mix of motorised adoration that makes the event so special.

For more information on Cars in the Park 2015, contact FrikKraamwinkel via email  on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on 082 444 2954

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